2 Kings & a Saint

For Trifextra: 33 words based on the idea that “third time’s a charm.”

I hope everyone at the Florida bash is having a great time. Though if you are in Florida chances are you won’t be reading the weekend entries. You’ll be sitting in the sun sipping margaritas exchanging stories of the joys of writing.

And for those who noticed –  I’m moving my fiction pieces to this blog and away from, People Do Things With Their Lives. Which is only another way of saying that I’m hiding from my family. 🙂

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!










William had conquered first base.

Roland (she’d always loved his name) had governed second.

George, love of her life, kissed her fingertips and whispered,

“Charmed, I’m sure.”

And slew dragons for her love.


20 thoughts on “2 Kings & a Saint

    • Yes, who wouldn’t love someone who would go to great lengths to protect you? The family thing will work for awhile, but you can never escape them, can you? 🙂


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