Palimpsest (Ligo-Haibun Challenge)


Like a tree, arms outstretched, she stands amid waist high grasses warmed by the sun. It is her first time outside the city limits. The thrill of it is so much more than she imagined. Her books couldn’t have prepared her for the sublime touch of the reeds that nestle against her calves and thighs. The music they make as she wades through them is like a whisper of welcome. In lieu of the ceaseless sirens of her city’s streets, she listens to the songbirds chatter in the trees. She wishes that one might alight on the branches of her arms. She would give the bird her name, so he might echo it through the valley.

She is reborn. Not in religion, but in tense. Her past is distant, the future undetermined. Only the present has meaning, this moment. The trees glow, backlit by the sun. The breeze ushers the scent of eucalyptus, rosemary and lavender. She feels gratitude to the women who brought her here, those who taught her the names of the flowers: narcissus and peony . She understands that she will never forget this meadow, the trees, and the blossoms for as long as she lives. They are part of her now.

braided blooms
of nature’s oath


This week is the Līgo Haibun Special – The Ligo Festival occurred this year on June 23-24. It is the world’s largest festival of nature and takes place in Latvia. Click on the link above to visit Pirate’s page and read more about the festival and this week’s challenge.

Thanks for reading!


19 thoughts on “Palimpsest (Ligo-Haibun Challenge)

  1. Thank you for your visit. The Festival was my second piece for the Ligo haibun challenge.

    I think I mess up my comments by heading over to your other place first. Maybe not?
    I like this…as I get older, I’d like to think I can be ‘reborn’ each day with creativity. For me that is what is natural.

    This icon link goes to my short verse/ daily observance site. – Jules

  2. Hi Steph. Beautifully done. You embraced the essence that the value of the festival represents. Of the need to reclaim ourselves with nature and the natural part of ourselves as well as those traditions that have gone by the way side (with progress). Thank you a wonderful haibun and an excellent closing haiku!

  3. something about being outdoors…as you wonderfully describe here awakens the senses so we feel like we become one with nature. i love how you linked this mysterious feeling with the woman wishing (hoping) a bird would trust and feel one with her enough to land on her outstretched arms. beautiful and well done. ♥


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