Carpe-Diem Haiku #44

I’m branching out, yet again, and trying to expand my writing. Reading my friends’ blogs I was drawn to the Carpe-Diem Haiku site. I love the seeming simplicity of haiku that describes a moment in time. Though the construction is anything but simple. They are not easy to write. Enjoying a challenge and wanting to learn, I gave it a try. These are my first two for online assessment of the Carpe-Diem community.

We were asked to write our own haiku based on Kikusha-Ni’s “the dusk in rain.”


credit: haiga ‘dusk in rain

Here are mine:

at the window
my reflection
in autumn leaves

the cat’s footprints
washed by autumn rains


17 thoughts on “Carpe-Diem Haiku #44

  1. Good day Steph … this is what I will call an awesome debute … that first haiku is a gem, I like the way how you have been inspired by the one written by Kikusha-Ni and the imagery in the first haiku … is really great.
    BTW I am your host on Carpe Diem.

  2. aloha Steph. to echo what has already been said, these are awesome initial attempts. a great use of what has been called fragment and phrase in haiku thinking, each line being a complete thought or image alone but two lines hooking together to contrast with the other line. all in all potent. way cool. aloha.

  3. wow….hard to believe your a newbie to this form…both were very beautiful, and totally captured that ‘aahh’ haiku moment perfectly….welcome….

    • Thank you! I’m a newbie to the form online. I have been writing them, but not for public consumption until now. I’ve been reading the famous haiku writers, and reading them on my Twitter feed. I love them, so wanted to write my own.

  4. Steph – I really like haiku very much, and sometimes think that it takes years to get right – sometimes not!It is clear you can really feel haiku. I thin you found two ‘real’ haiku moments there, first the imprint, or reflection of your face in the leaves, and all the possibilities that means and second the prints. Was the cat really there? We don’t know…


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