Anticipation (Ligo-Haibun Challenge)

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Days before the monsoon rains unleash their torrents the city grows indolent and irritable in the sweltering heat. The humidity builds, becomes like an anvil of air pressing down upon the heads of the restless residents. They move through their day with their eyes on the changing firmament. Clouds billow and roil; cerulean churns to dark blue, then charcoal, until finally the sun is blacked out. The anticipation is both welcome, and fraught with foreboding.

Sitting at the bedside of her mother she strokes her hand, and remembers that year she studied in India, the approaching monsoon, the trepidation, the subsequent relief, and then a whole new set of concerns as the water flowed fast and furious through the city streets. Her mother smiles, but she doesn’t know if it is for her, or at the fragment of a memory. When her mother closes her eyes and, at last, lets go, she knows she will manage as she did when the deluge threatened to carry her off: careful of her footing.

in the wild firmament
emotions clash
she pays her respects

For the Ligo-Haibun Challenge. Our prompts this week were monsoon or haze. Join us! What a terrific exercise for writers and poets. Click the link to read the very fine entries.   5934002

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21 thoughts on “Anticipation (Ligo-Haibun Challenge)

  1. ‘whether’ changes everything.
    It is hard to see nature act violiently. And yet I believe that nothing controls nature. It is the people that help rebuild – expectations, dreams, life…they are what matters and that help us keep our ‘footing.’

    Thank you for your visit.

  2. i like your flow as you take us on the general thoughts of a monsoon by the community, ending with a mother/daughter moment. your haiku and image perfect for the haibun. ♥

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