Carpe Diem – Affection

On the days I rise to the challenge of the daily Carpe Diem prompts, I enjoy Kristjaan’s posts leading us into the prompts. I would urge you to visit his site, and see what I mean. Today he writes about his affection for the moon.

Mine are of the more mundane flower…

Click for credit.

click for credit

for rose and thorn
balancing act


when the bloom will open
only for you

Thanks for reading!


14 thoughts on “Carpe Diem – Affection

    • Thanks, Celestine. Unlike me, actually, to be romantic in my writing. The haiku bring it out. Expanding my horizons through the different venues.

    • Thank you for the welcome to the group. 🙂 I had that exact image of clipping beautifully scented roses and drawing blood in the process. Even sometimes while wearing sturdy gloves.


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