Carpe Diem – Companions

Today the theme at Carpe Diem is Companions. Click the link and read our host’s examples, as well as many other fine haiku poets.

Certainly my loved ones are my companions, but they sometimes require much attention and ‘work’ to maintain contented relationships. So I’ll dedicate today’s theme to my animal companions. They are always there to offer succor no matter what our moods might be. Of course they’d like it if we fed them in return. 🙂


Dark red grapes
Companions to the vine
Bottoms up

The old man
walks with his dog
to the end of his life

my sister
smiles companionably at
her scarf round my neck


22 thoughts on “Carpe Diem – Companions

    • Thanks, joanne. I have 5 younger sisters and they helped themselves to my stuff on occasion, but I don’t think I smiled very companionably. 🙂

  1. That second haiku hits me straight in my heart. I remember an old neighbor. He always walked with his dog several times a day. And he always made me smile and wished me good day or a little chitchat. One day he didn’t came … he was gone, he had died. I lost a companion with him.


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