The Observer

For Trifextra – 79

As part of our county fair we have horse racing events. I’m not a fan of either gambling or forcing a horse to run for the odds. However, my visitors wanted to place a couple of bets on a couple of races. I tagged along, and for the heck of it, and for obvious reasons placed a $2 bet on a Trifecta. You can guess the outcome – I won! $600. Maybe I should donate part of it to retired racehorse upkeep.

Please forgive my lack of comments. I promise to make up for it in the very near future when summer visitors and activities ebb slowly, but inexorably away…

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Cheers, Trifectans!

another-head-hangs-lowly-2_lPhoto credit: [ changó ] / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND


no one is watching

we muddle through

in melancholy

Or so it may seem

to the observer

who knows nothing

of us

But the very act

of being observed


our performance


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