A Pipe Dream

courtesy: Amy Kalyn Sims

courtesy: Amy Kalyn Sims

Jump or step

Our teacher instructs

Into chaturanga


Inhale updog

Exhale downdog


Look forward

Jump to seated


Instead we look sideways

Who does it best?

Who is clumsy?

Where do I fit in?


It is not a competition

She tells us over and over

At least once each class


And still we compare our biceps

Our quads, bellies, and butts

To our mat mates


Acceptance is a pipe dream


We wish to be digitally enhanced

Airbrushed and photoshopped


No tolerance for weak knees

Fleshy thighs, and unpainted toenails


No tolerance for that unfamiliar dude

Who walks into our neighborhood

On his way to god knows where


No tolerance for the emo girl

Who sits in a corner reading a book

Looking sad


No tolerance for the self-confident woman

in a turban wrapped in layers of fabric

eating an orange


Acceptance is a pipe dream

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