Carpe Diem – Tan Renga

For Carpe Diem’s Tan Renga month…

I’m taking a shortcut today and posting 3 completions in one post as I’ve missed the previous two days. I won’t make a habit of it as everyone certainly deserves their own page for the sentiments to settle.

I hope everyone is enjoying a lovely fall weekend. Or for those of you in the path of those U.S. midwest storms I hope you are staying dry and cozy inside.

Working backwards I start with Pirate.


in hidden places
under the floorboards
cherry blossoms                                     (Managua Gunn)

while her mother’s head is turned
he kisses her fingertips                               (Steph)


my little green lawn
dreams about the pampas grass
I dream of the stars                    (Jazzbumpa)

bright lights on the red carpet
leading ladies smile and wave       (Steph)

Gnome by Reflecting Pond - Lennart Helje

Gnome by Reflecting Pond – Lennart Helje





by the shallow pond
reflection drawing northern fowl
a warm sun shimmers                    (joanne)

hearing the tea kettle call
he migrates to the kitchen’s heat      (Steph)

Thanks for reading!

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