Where you Live (Trifextra 97)

For Trifextra 97. Our mission is to add 30 words to the following three: myopic, dazzle, basin.

Congrats to Matticus, Catherine and E.A. Wicklund for their winning entries this week.



my eyes
rimmed kohl-black
suffused with myopic dazzle
the iron-rich blood
of my arteries
flowing solely or
is it soulfully
to the river basin
of my heart center
where you will always live

Thanks for reading!

21 thoughts on “Where you Live (Trifextra 97)

  1. Oh this is gorgeous, Steph. I love the myopic dazzle – you are the only one so far to combine those two words that way. Beautifully written all around.

  2. How beautiful Steph-seeped in love!Loved the ,”:to the river basin
    of my heart center”:-)Am little curious about one thing though-did you miss the word “dazzle” or did you decide to omit it?

    • Maybe the poem is so dazzling it speaks to you without revealing the actual words. 🙂 I’m kidding, of course. It’s that ‘myopic dazzle’ that gets you every time. Thanks for the lovely comment, Atreyee.

      • Eeps!I must be going blind!How in the world did I miss that?You are so right -your words dazzled me and thus my myopic eyes could not see,lol!Sorry for the false alarm 😛


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