In the Vineyard (Tanka Sequence)

Reading my Twitter stream I discovered the site, Imaginary Garden with Real Toads. Hard to beat that blog title. It’s a good one.

As Tanka is the current subject I couldn’t resist participating as I love the form. I had a few published here: The Bamboo Hut. Many fine tanka poets in the issue.. easy to read online.

I look forward to getting to know ‘The Toads.”

Credit: Me

Credit: Me

wine grapes
a meticulous science
each row, knife-edge straight
the long-eared hare
takes no notice


enter the vineyard
lose yourself
in red and whites
at  their optimum sugar
your fingertips graze my wrist


pruned in winter
the romance of wine
falls away
my father’s discontent
with his arthritic fingers

Thanks for reading!


21 thoughts on “In the Vineyard (Tanka Sequence)

  1. The evidence of your skill is visible in each of the tanka you have shared. The vineyards have become the backdrop against which life plays out – the hare, undisturbed by straight lines, the lover’s touch, the father’s pain. It has been a wonderful reading experience.


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