This is my first time linking up with dVerse. I’ve been receiving the emails for months. I have several friends who are regular contributors. This is a new year and a new resolve!

©Ali Skolfield Robinson

©Ali Skolfield Robinson

a hitchhiker
a green canvas cross-body messenger bag
sits low on her left hip
her right thumb is flexed
in a hopeful attitude
ubiquitous ugg boots outside her jeans
her eyes half-closed, no smile

she slumps heavily into the passenger seat
a wisp of a girl
so young and so high
I can’t understand her slurred words
where does she want to go?
she falls asleep
or maybe she died, I don’t know

at a nearby clinic
I coax a nurse to the car
with promises of payment
she pulls up an eyelid
in the young thing’s oversize bag
we find a half-smoked joint
but that’s not what did the damage

the nurse shoots her up with vitamins
and something else that brings her around
no ID in her bag, I don’t know her name
she tells me she doesn’t need a name
I look at her in wonder
do strangers always appear
at exactly the right time?

she’s free and she’s happy, she says
could I take her to the shelter? sure.
she leaves the car with a wave
and a polite thank you
sometimes all I can believe in
is jazz
the up tempo notes of a trumpet


Thanks for reading!


15 thoughts on “Hitchhiker

  1. what an interaction eh? maybe you saved her…i wonder though what it was that lead her here…got her to where she was so unfettered to life….had to take a kid OD-ing to the hospital a few years ago….

    welcome to dverse..enjoy your time mingling….

  2. Nice poem Steph. Welcome to d’verse as well. Wow! I think I have met this girl’s brother years ago. Had a bullet in his leg, Fort Wayne Indiana. Nice rendering of a harsh and lonely reality. Stick with the Jazz… I do!

  3. So glad you joined us, Steph,welcome to the Poets Pub! And thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog, too.
    An interesting piece you have woven here. First one of “trust” because it is rare in this day and age to pick up a hitchhiker, so a bit of trust on both sides. Second(and I’m not overly religious) but I believe that angels (aka someone in the right place at the right time) can enter our lives when we need but least expect them. And sometimes we ourselves are that “angel,” as in this case. Very poignant bit of story-telling. Thanks for coming by to share. Will watch for you next time!

  4. Very nice capture of that interaction ~ I too wonder what made her think & behave like she wanted to be free, starting off with no IDs ~ Nice to meet you ~

  5. Steph, what an amazing interaction here. It sounds like the nameless girl is alive thanks to you & the nurse. I wonder if she will be as lucky if there is a next time or if this experience will have been her wake-up call.

    Welcome to dVerse!

  6. heck… what an encounter… i’m glad you stopped and helped her… she sounds quite an interesting person to talk to… ha…love that you close with the up tempo notes of a trumpet… fits so well… and welcome at dVerse!

  7. Ah.. so great to see you here.. it took me a while to before deciding to go here.. and what a great story you tell.. I guess you saved her, but maybe she actually enjoy doing what she does… and the close was like a beat poet’s write…

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