yoga class
as instructed, we check in
with ourselves
I find a body assailed
by half-hearted yearning

it’s not a touchy-feely
yoga class, it’s hard work
like climbing thirty flights
of stairs is hard work

and then you’ll be in a pose
and the teacher will urge
“go inside”
and that pisses me off
which makes no sense
and pisses me off more

I’m always
always inside 
where all the stuff
I don’t want to hear
swirls like a million voices
speaking  a language
the nasty rhetoric
of incurious minds

I want to hear
the sway of the flute
imagine a snake charmer
in fact, be that snake charmer
I want to feel my muscles
burn and my skin sweat

I want to stay outside
to be distracted by
physical exertion
I don’t want to get
all up in my own face

I want to pretend
if only for a moment
that all that matters
is the ribbon of highway
half a dozen radio channels
and I have all the time
in the world
to drive

Linking to dverse, Meeting the Bar for the 2nd time. I mention that only to say Thank You for the very warm welcome on my first foray among a group of extremely talented poets.Since I live near San Francisco and am quite familiar with City Lights Bookstore I chose to write in the style of the Beats.. you can let me know if I came close to it or not.
Thanks for reading!

10 thoughts on “Yoga

  1. ha. i love the beats…and i would love to visit city lights too…cool…i was working some poses over the holidays that about killed me, just saying…yoga is not for sissies…and apt metaphor though too…its messy inside…and in many ways we would much rather stay on the surface…or just keep moving down that road not having to think about what we need to do inside…

  2. sometimes all that matters is indeed that ribbon of highway ahead of us… a colleague of mine does yoga and often her muscles ache badly the next day.. i’m more into biking…

  3. I love the yoga class instructions, being inside our head, be the snake charmer, the ribbon on the highway ~ Since I live in the city and drive back and forth to work, your vivid imagery resonated with me ~ Happy to read your share today ~

  4. Inside is somewhere that many people don’t want to go; we each of us know the mess inside our heads: our contradictions, our mixed motives, our flaws, faults and failings; all the stuff that we are trying to ignore when we fill our lives with things to distract us – like yoga classes … smiles

  5. I really enjoyed this! Sounds like a stop areobics class .. or maybe a punching bag are more up your alley 😉 Nicely played with a nod to humor (or so thats the way I read it)


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