The Other Side


Afternoon and still this fog
I can’t see the vineyards
pruned to the nub
that’s how it is in January
the cats
one feral one domestic
sit on high
like royals on a throne
in search of gophers
and mice, anything that moves

Anything that moves
in this mist is fair game
something will hunt it
coyotes watch for hares
farmers watch for coyotes
top and bottom of the food chain
no metaphors required
skeletal outlines of the trees
emerge like advancing warriors

Advancing warriors
that’s what we are
hand in hand
unafraid of the unknown
our intentions worthy
but is that ever enough
to make it through
to the other side?

For dverse poetics. And that is the view outside my window once the fog lifts.


9 thoughts on “The Other Side

  1. i like the directness of no metaphors required….unlike the fog which carries mystery…as much as the cat waiting to pounce on the unexpecting though true, that is nature….the skeletal trees are a nice touch to accentuate…mine are much the same…i think advancing together gives us hope of making that other side…

  2. I like that the last line of the stanza is your take off to the next stanza ~ The food chain is a reality we must accept & thrive,if not we will not make it to the other side ~ Enjoyed this view of your world ~ Happy Sunday ~


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