strength in numbers


so many people make it look easy
endowed with a savoir faire
luscious lips red, ripe, rippling
with the ease of a ship in calm seas
conversation untroubled by

I, the wallflower, a bloom subdued
not even the expansion of time
will unfold
petals, brown at the edges,
curl and drop to the floor
swept up with the detritus
of the day, unnoticed

I would have it no other way
I see no reason why we can’t
we make ourselves

if enough of us believe 
our collective consciousness
gathers strength in numbers
whatever that strength
be it quiet or loud

 Linking up with Tony and the dverse group. Join us!


8 thoughts on “strength in numbers

  1. Beautiful piece. I love the reference to quiet strength along with the loud in your close. Some of those with quiet strength have been the most stable people I’ve ever known. Lovely pairing of poem and image Steph!


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