Hyperion – for dverse



The tallest redwood tree
so far discovered
has a name: Hyperion
it lives in a U.S. national park
in Humboldt County, CA
more well known for a
life-altering weed

The scientists who discovered
will not reveal it’s exact location

I’d like to see it
but what if I arrived
to find Lindsay Loves Zachary
carved into the bark
inside a heart or a penis

That’s what people do
leave their mark
I was here remember me
needing that permanence
an illusion, we adore illusions

Magic, like a tree that somehow
survives for centuries in spite
of the forces of Nature and Man
usually at odds
that swirl around the gentle giant

Do you suppose the tree
feels pain when the carver
of initials thrusts the knife?

18,000 pounds of oxygen
each year, no questions asked
we breathe easier, we stay cool

Hyperion happily harbors birds,
wildlife and species
of plants with the potential
to cure the many ills of civilized life

I wouldn’t tell anyone either
Hyperion at 379 feet
is out there
and that is magic enough

Bjorn at dverse asks us to write about trees… No secret, after reading this, that it is a subject near to my heart, as it is to most, if not all of us. I am surrounded by redwoods, and am the ultimate Tree-Hugger. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend.. Thanks for reading!


13 thoughts on “Hyperion – for dverse

  1. yes we adore illusions don’t we? it’s too bad that adoration doesn’t translate into love/respect for the natural things of this world. This is a very good poem, it expresses your passion with such direct style. I enjoyed reading it several times.

  2. That’s what people do
    leave their mark
    I was here remember me
    needing that permanence
    an illusion, we adore illusions

    …ain’t that the truth. I so enjoyed this…trees definitely hold magic.

  3. that is one massive tree….i would hope it not marred, though that would be us, leaving our mark to show we were here, we came its ours we conquered…oy…i tend to agree with Ron on this one…

  4. Wow…I kept scrolling and scrolling…that is a tall tree. Yes, we do hold tight to our illusions…and no, don’t tell a soul where that tree is…would love to see some redwoods some day. Thanks for sharing this.

  5. The greatness of keeping its location secret… it can stand there in majesty and care for birds and beasts… They recently found that the world’s oldest tree (9550 years old) is a spruce in Sweden.. I hope the location is secret too..

  6. Yes, it is magic enough and your poem to honor Hyperion is magic too. You constructed a tall poem that allowed the tree to speak through your words. I do think trees feel pain or something like it when people carve into them, certainly when people cut them down. Likewise, I feel that this great wise beautiful giant has a sense that this poem now exists, thus, you two are connected.

  7. Enjoyed this one. I am pleased the location is kept a secret as I am certain the tree would be vandalised or worse. I like your mention of man’s attempt to immortalise himself at any cost whether it be graffiti or establishing dynasties. It is a futile attempt to stave off death…an act of desperation I think.


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