Tanka with Dr. Nakamura


in the night
I hear the dog’s too long nails
on the wood floor
it is said that fingernails
lengthen when you die


our old house
stuck in the burnished beams
so many words
lobbed haphazardly
while no one was listening


in the taxi
an exotic atmosphere
of smoke and scent
deja vu
and her mother’s secret

For Real Toads… we’re writing tanka. I write a lot of Tanka on Twitter. I love the form. Thanks for reading.


7 thoughts on “Tanka with Dr. Nakamura

  1. I adore each tanka. You have such an ability to compress the idea into 31 syllables, complete with sense of time, place and with that essential shift between the upper and lower halves. Really impressive.


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