Remember when you proposed
that first time
my wheels started spinning
and I don’t mean the bicycle wheels
we were riding at the time
though I did speed up, didn’t I
put a little distance between us

I remember it was twilight
the sun an orange giant
on the horizon
cicadas ramped up their love songs
just for us

I was afraid you were needy
I didn’t want to take care of you
I wanted us to take care of each other

But you persevered, didn’t you
twice more you asked
the third time you got down
on one knee, so chivalrous,
so old-fashioned
you waited patiently for trust
to grow like those sunflowers
we planted that one year
they bowed their heads, remember
and smiled down at us

This morning I picked these wildflowers
quite a color combination, isn’t it
remember when we tossed the seeds
to the wind, laughing, I so loved your laugh
you brought me handfuls
every morning in summer
the house awash in color
and all that lavender
I thought it smelled like fresh laundry

It’s ironic, isn’t it
I worried you might be needy
and in the end I would have given anything
to take care of you
but your heart wouldn’t allow it
you did everything on your own terms
dying included

you’ve given me years
unimaginable years
enough to last me two lifetimes
yours and mine
enjoy these wildflowers
my darling
I’ll be back tomorrow

Brian at dverse asks us to tell him a story…


14 thoughts on “Wildflowers

  1. oh another heartfelt story…i am going to need a box of kleenex between you and liesl….i love hearing peoples love stories. and was enjoying his persistence…then dying on his own terms…and your memory of the flowers and visiting with him each day…really a nicely layered piece…

  2. Ouch, how sad on the dying ~ My mom said that getting married is like playing a lottery ~ There are some will be lucky to find their life long partners at the first draw, while others will keep on playing but never find their true love ~ I love how you used wildflowers at the beginning and ending ~

  3. this one really tugs at the heartstrings. I imagine the death of a true love as an unbearable pain…you give us someone who has found the strength to carry on. very nice the way you revealed the relationship in the first 4 stanzas.

  4. oh wow – what a moving story… sometimes the people we least expect give us most… i love how it turned out…that she first thought he’s needy and then was able to give her so much


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