A Clearing



by the cold fingers of fog
I vanish
right before your eyes

reappear within minutes
a deer at my side
for some odd reason
she is unafraid

is it my demeanor
what does she know
that I do not
do you see me differently now

fog tiptoes around us
careful not to disturb
my deer and me
we travel beyond your purview

but she is not mine
my deer
any more than I am yours
my dear

crows take on the jays
Sharks and the Jets
as we, my deer and me
place our bets on the bobcat

it’s a challenge
finding our route
the fingers of the fog tugging
at our ears

like naughty children
who refuse to answer
our mother’s entreaties
to return home for dinner

satisfied the fog retreats
we’ve passed the test
my deer and me
a clearing within a clearing

we are contentedly alone


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