Twitter Poetry

Fibonacci 46 - Jylian Gustlin

Fibonacci 46 – Jylian Gustlin

This challenge is my cup of tea. MamaZen at Real Toads asked us to write Twitter Poems. I do that everyday. I love Twitter. Many fine poets can be found practicing their craft. I’ve fallen in love with Tanka. It could be argued I spend too much time on them. Is that possible, I wonder, spending too much time writing poetry?

Here are some I wrote today. Plenty of others in my Twitter feed to scroll through – just to the right.

a collector’s item
teapot in the shape of a chair
black cat perched
my mother’s favorite
passed on to me

in the stone birdbath
robins and orioles
a terracotta sunset hovers
above the foam-flecked waves

capuchino clouds
unmoved by the rain
I take notes by hand
blue ink becomes a watercolor
of a tacit longing


8 thoughts on “Twitter Poetry

  1. you can never spend too much time on you passions. Be grateful you have them. So many people go through life with no way to express themselves we truly are blessed. It is nice to reconnect Steph you were one of my first “friends” when I started posting on Trifecta in 2012. I’m not that big on twitter but I do catch your tanka and haiku tweeting by from time to time mostly reposted on G+

    Best Sa,


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