Édouard Manet (1832–1883)

Édouard Manet (1832–1883)



the cat curls on the table
wedges himself
beneath the flat screen television
almost instantly
he is asleep
and twitching
the antihistamines knock him out
and I feel relief
at his relief from a terrible itching
a food allergy at last diagnosed

out the window
six inches from his head
I watch the relentless rain
sometimes a breeze slants it northward
but mostly it falls ruler straight
while the cat’s tail hangs
like a dowsing rod
pointing at my affection for him
and for the long-awaited rain
that fills that void
you know the one
and overflows the old ponds
and the frogs chant mantras
of universal goodwill


Claudia at dverse asks us to sketch a poem of our surroundings…


14 thoughts on “Affection

  1. i think my cat could sleep most anywhere…i like how you move your eye from the cat to the weather out the window…the frog chant mantra of universal goodwill…i love those lines….very cool response…

  2. oh i’m glad the medicine helped and i know how sleepy you get from this kind of medicine…taking it against hayfever… cool capture of the scene…love that you wove in the rain and frog mantras as well..

  3. A vivid capture of both the cat AND the rain. Poor cat….hope the meds WILL help his food allergy. And the rain? Seems like it was needed & its arrival was welcome.

  4. Good to hear you finally got rain.. I was in your neck of the woods last week for some brief business meetings.. and I heard it had been dry… hope the cat gets better after sleep… and a cat on drugs… I know how easily they fall asleep without….

  5. I opened your post, and saw the cat sketch, and thought he is certainly confident with his pencil…then I saw it was Manet. But your poem had the same confidence! Loved it!


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