On the Billboard


on the billboard
you cannot miss
I’ve seen that face before
who is it
a good-looking dude
maybe he’s nobody
just a good-looking dude
I wish he’d sing to me
I want to hear his voice
his language
I want to see how he moves
do his eyes light up
when he sees me
who am I kidding
he’s a cardboard cutout
a paper doll
I’ll prop him up
and I’ll do the singing
I’ll make promises
I will never keep
I’ll sing to him of shattered dreams
he has no choice
but to listen
he’s just a good-looking dude
after all
on a billboard


For Marian at Real Toads… who today offers inspiration with Laurie Anderson.


6 thoughts on “On the Billboard

  1. oooh, i rather love this. it yearns, but is practical and concrete. this narrator knows who she (or he) is and has a bit of swagger, not unlike Laurie Anderson.

    (as an aside, if you’re on Facebook, you know those FB movies that they just offered? mine hilariously offers a photo of me kissing a cardboard cut-out of Daryl Dixon from the Walking Dead as my crowning achievement of the past five years. which is hilarious.)


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