When did we lose our sex drive?
We’re at odds, are you on my side?
Only headlights penetrate the night
while we tarry and parry, our love belied
by the ancient battles we too often wage.
Unlike those who are born again, we are not saved.
Still we sleep on ‘til a truce is made.
In the moonrise I watch your face
in every crease those wounds only I can nurse.
I see time reversed, and we’re at the church
repeating vows for better or worse;
your full lips purse
and then once more you turn your back
repeat the pattern just like that.

For Tony at dverse. We are writing Bout-Rimes (boo-ree-May)… not an easy task, but a great exercise…


17 thoughts on “Patterns

  1. sad that it goes back the same pattern…i was starting to have hope at the recommitment but alas it was not…sad for sure…
    well played working the rhymes…i like your use of nurse as a verb

  2. oh it’s easy to fall into the same patterns when we’re not careful… certainly hard work to revive a tired relationship… you did well with the rhymes… a very natural flow

  3. Points out how much work has to go into a marriage. Sometimes the day to day wears and erodes the initial feelings – sometimes it’s regained, sometimes lost forever. A sad but touching story played easily to the words.


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