Blue-Winged Birds






In these tired walls
blue-winged birds flutter
in their lament
calling us to task
for deeds done
for words divined
for neglect and abandonment

A sapphire feather
out the peephole
my breath moves it
to a safe place
calling into question
our duties to each other
how much guilt
do we bear

Double-winged dragonflies
never alight
but soar and plummet
stunt riders fearless
in a mindless pursuit
to mindfulness
misguided instinct
is all we have

When I listen to the blue-winged birds
I feel the heat
of this life
burn my insides
branding me
and to all the psychologists
who say it is pointless
I say fuck you

A long time ago I lost someone
when it happens again
as it will
the blue-winged birds
will turn scarlet with shame




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