Carpe Diem – Tan Renga – Sun’s ‘gathering seashells’

I have to face the facts. I’m incapable of posting everyday for Carpe Diem. Though I wish it were otherwise. Not enough hours in the day. Kudos to everyone who pulls it off, and with such lovely haiku and tan renga completions. If only I had your discipline.

I have 5 sisters so Sun’s haiku spoke to me. Oh the stories I could tell of our happy, but sometimes difficult dynamics. As the American holiday of Thanksgiving approaches, and families gather, and the comedians up their game, I couldn’t help but use it for my completion.

To all those who celebrate.. Happy Thanksgiving!


gathering seashells
while ocean tides rise and fall
two sisters bicker                                             (Sun)

set the Thanksgiving table
watch the fireworks explode                       (Steph)

Thanks for reading!

To the Rescue

For Trifextra-88 –   Give us the 33 words that follow this illustration.  What happens next?

Join Scooby and me, Shaggy, for our latest episode, “The Ghoul Who Loved Fishes.” Velma and Fred and, that hot redhead, Daphne, return in another ghostly adventure. Opens Octotber 31. Free Scooby Snacks! 


From the first time she laid eyes on a Scooby Doo episode my now 11- year-old niece was hooked. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the theme song, and Shaggy’s high-pitched whine. Ooof!