Dear Readers…

Hi, I’m Steph.

This is my haven for poetry and snippets of … well, only time will tell. I’m stretching my wings toward poetry of late. It might not be any good, but it feels good to write it. And with practice, who can say, maybe a poem will resonate with one person. That’s what any writer hopes to accomplish.

I also write short fiction and the occasional essay here: People Do Things With Their Lives.

I live in Northern CA, Sonoma County, the center of wine country. I’m surrounded by vineyards. I don’t own any of it, but feel fortunate to live in an area so rich in beauty. Redwoods, fog, grapes in meticulous rows, dairy farms, goats, llamas, lambs, and the Pacific Ocean  – it doesn’t get much better than that – at least for me. I’ve lived in quite a few places over the years, and somehow ended up here, for now or, possibly forever. Life is mysterious, revealing itself to us in increments. Anything might change in an instant. I try to be grateful for every single day.

I hope you enjoy what you read on these pages. And I hope you’ll let me know. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

Thanks for reading!

Talk to me at:


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