Too Old





He’s not my type
besides he has six girlfriends.

So which is it?
he’s not your type or
he has six girlfriends?

He doesn’t have six girlfriends
they’re only friends
you know, platonic.

Why do you say
he has six girlfriends
if he doesn’t, actually?

When you’re of a certain age
you look around
and you see things that aren’t there –
for you.

Like what?


Are you too old to be loved?

I am.

Do you never notice the deep purple hydrangeas,
the heads of your foes
bobbing at the window?

Do you not weep with mothers in wind-blown small towns
accepting delivery of flag-draped coffins?

Do you not rejoice when you wake to the harmony
of the songbirds at your windowsill on a summer morning?

Do you not shout and pound your fists on the floor
when you hear of a woman raped the next street over
or 10,000 miles away in a far off land?

I do all of that and more.

Then do not say to me you are too old.
Say to me the world is still young
shot full with promise.